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名人坊 CelebrityStyle

CelebrityStyle [名人坊] provides complete turn-key eCommerce, eDistribution, online marketing and strategies, advertising services and exclusive promotional services to watch shops, wholesalers and dealers for online business excellence. Our goal is to join with our entrusted dealers as a National Team, striving to serve our customers with outstanding service. By partnering with our dealer partners, we can truly be a valuable and necessary business companion that helps to build their online revenue. 

Thus far, we have some local watch shops working with us. Because of our precise sourcing and aggressive strategy, we are able to carry a larger and more comprehensive line of watches than our competitors. The bottom line is that we know our market better than the rest. For a buying partner that is going to focus on your needs, CelebrityStyle is the place to be. 

Years of experience have allowed us to create extensive connections to both private and commercial networks on a global scale. Not only can we deliver our watches at an outstanding price, but we source the most unique timepieces as a core interest. If you have a particularly tough project or mission, let us help you. We most likely have just the right resource to find the piece you are seeking. We can find it quickly and without the hassle of sourcing it on your own. We can considerable cut out the timeframe needed for personal sourcing. Let us use our resources to find you just the right timepiece you need. 

Our new watches always come with the original box, paper and international factory warranty, along with a guarantee of service and authenticity. Some of our shops and we also include a NO FAKES guarantee as granted by the Hong Kong Government, which is another layer of confidence in buying.

All of our after-sale pre-owned watches come along with complimentary service guarantee and Hong Kong shop warranty as an added bonus for our valued customers. 

Authenticity Guarantee Service
We guarantee the authenticity of our products. Our customers are free to check their purchased product at the official service center or the brand boutique. If any issues are found with authenticity within the FIRST 4-WEEKS of purchase, we will fully refund the product value to the customer. This is called 「包上行」in Chinese with equivalent meanings. 


We also are a dealer in Chrono24.com in Asia, supplying worldwide with 1800+ luxury watches available. 

We accept INTERNATIONAL ORDER by Chrono24 Trusted Checkout, or when: 

1. The payment is fully prepaid by bank transfer / TT only. 

2.  We will arrange FedEx, Ferrari (www.FerrariGroup.net) or similar class company to deliver our watch to you. For unavoidable of doubt, we hereby reserve full and all rights to determine which delivery company will handle your order, and as a customer you will be fully responsible for all charges incurred.

3. Our selling price does not include delivery, insurance, any duty, GST, VAT, tax, etc, it is purely the selling price of the watch according to the description in the offer only.  All other fee / charge will be fully responsible by the customer.  In the case if there is any custom, duty, tax or charge(s) issue with your local custom, you are always fully responsible to clear your custom, pay for it and get the delivery yourself.  



「名人坊 (CelebrityStyle.com.hk)」- 中英文香港商業注冊名稱, 致力提供電子商貿服務、網上巿場策略、電子分銷及零售批發、綱上推廣和廣告,及精密的程式配合客戶,發展以及擴充其網上業務. 多年來我們亦因此和不少本地及國外的店舖和批發商,一直緊密地合作中, 令今天的「名人坊」, 能以一支資源豐富的團隊, 去服務其客戶. 

目前, 我們有幾間名錶店舖跟我們合作, 所以我們都能提供較多的選擇給客戶.

「名人坊」的核心目標,是提供比市面較優惠的價錢給客戶; 我們亦以幫助客戶尋找最難尋和極罕有的時計為使命. 令「名人坊」有幸成為部分客戶可靠的好幫手, 達成他們的任務. 


我們的專科是「難尋」,尋找客人指定的稀有手錶,也是我們畢生致力的樂趣. 今天, 名人坊的團隊已遍佈全球多國, 遠至中東和莫斯科等, 覆蓋商業和個人網絡. 每次群起去找極罕有的手錶時,當中的團隊精神,喜悅和刺激,真是難以筆墨形容. 

我們時刻都在物色及歡迎獨當一面的行家,收藏者和發燒友, 與我們攜手挑戰每個「難尋」的任務, 歡迎隨時向我們查詢. 

至今, 名人坊是 Chrono24.com 亞洲區供應1800+名錶的經銷商. 請瀏覽名人坊Chrono24主頁: http://hatausa.chrono24.com

我們的手錶,皆附設「包上行」保證; 二手錶還附送「半年香港店舖保用」服務. 全新錶皆有紙,盒以及全世界原廠聯保. 我們團隊中有些店舖, 亦已申辦「正版正貨」保證. 

店舖和批發商跟私人買賣不同, 我們是不會上行交收的; 取而代之, 我們會給客戶「包上行」保證. 「包上行」的意思是, 客人跟我們買了手錶之後, 在一個月內, 如發現手錶有真偽問題, 可隨時退回手錶, 我們即原銀奉還. 在香港如行騙販賣假手錶或仿制品, 即屬嚴重刑事罪行, 除了立即結業之外, 有關人等都必須坐牢; 所以在業的店舖或批發商, 都必定沒有任何如此記錄. 憑正式發票或收據, 亦可隨時向海關, 警方及消委會求助. 



海外訂購 - 可透過Chrono24 Trusted Checkout, 或透過以下方式:

1.  我們只接受在未寄貨前, 用電匯或銀行轉賬全數支付.

2.  客人需全權委託我們, 讓我們為客人決定使用哪一間速遞公司, 例如FedEx, DHL, UPS, Ferrari等去寄運客人的手錶, 並一定會購買全數保險. 客人需要負責所有寄運相關和保險之費用.

3.  我們手錶的售賣價錢, 并不包括任何運費, 保險費, 和任何入口稅項和收費如GST, VAT, Tax, Duty 等等. 如客人牽涉任何這些收費, 客人則需自行清關及繳交所有相關的費用及處理收件, 我們一概不會負責.

4.  客人收了手錶之後, 在一個月內, 如發現手錶有真偽問題, 可隨時退回手錶, 我們即原銀奉還, 稱為「包上行」保證. 在香港如行騙販賣假手錶或仿制品, 即使是海外訂購, 亦屬嚴重刑事罪行, 除了立即結業之外, 有關人等都必須坐牢; 所以在業的店舖或批發商, 都必定沒有任何如此記錄. 憑正式發票或收據, 即可向客人當地警方求助, 亦可隨時向香港海關, 警方及消委會將此等罪行繩之於法.



名人坊 CelebrityStyle

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