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Watch Collection

Start your watch collection and track the performance of your favorite pieces.

The Watch Collection at a Glance

Learn what awaits you in the Watch Collection in this short video.

All your watches in one place

Start your Watch Collection on Chrono24 and see your watches in a whole new light. Using our new tool, you can manage your watches online and keep an eye on their current estimated value.

Your passion in numbers

Quick and easy: We'll display the current value of your Watch Collection based on our unique data. Helpful charts offer a look at the gradual development of your watch collection's value. Use the data to make smart choices and develop your Watch Collection.

More features


Upload pictures and save personalized notes about each watch to individualize your Watch Collection.

Share with friends

Send individual watches or your entire Watch Collection to friends in just a few clicks.

Add a watch and discover its value

Enter your watch's reference number. If you can't find the reference number, you can enter the brand, model, or other characteristics of your watch.

You can find the reference number here:
On the dial
In the watch's papers
On the case back
On the lugs

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21,996 reviews

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  • Justin M.

    First Purchase

    First purchase. Product as advertised. Speedy delivery. Seamless transaction.

    Justin M. Justin M. ,
    United States of America

  • Faraz

    Great First Experience

    My first experience was a great one. Will be using this site more to add to my watch collection.


  • Chris Drake

    This was my first time using Chrono24…

    This was my first time using Chrono24 for a watch purchase. I could not have been happier. I st...

    Chris DrakeChris Drake,
    United States of America

  • Gabriel Banica

    I bought only new watches with a…

    I bought only new watches with a surprisingly good price compared with retail shop price. I will ...

    Gabriel BanicaGabriel Banica,

  • Jacob Sanders

    Excellent experience!

    Excellent experience. I was apprehensive at first but their system works really well!

    Jacob SandersJacob Sanders,
    United States of America

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Do you have any questions? Contact us!

Do you have any questions? Contact us! Our team is happy to help:

What is the Watch Collection?
The Watch Collection lets you to manage and track your personal collection of watches online. Simply enter as many details as you can about your watch, add your own photos, and gain access to historical price trends as well as current market value. You can track your own collection and follow other watches you are interested in but can't yet call your own.
Do I have to own a watch to add it to my Watch Collection?
No, you can also follow watches that you are simply interested in. To track a watch's price, enter its reference number or brand, model, and condition and select the option "I don't own this watch."
How many watches can I add to my Watch Collection?
You may add an unlimited number of watches.
Why is there a watch in my Watch Collection that I didn't personally add?
As soon as you complete a purchase on Chrono24, the watch is automatically added to your Watch Collection, allowing you to track its value over time.
Which estimated values are available in the Watch Collection?
You can view the estimated value and change in value of each individual watch and your entire collection.
How often is the estimated value updated?
The estimated value is reassessed every day. However, price fluctuations are not visible on a daily basis, but only across longer periods of time.
Can other users view my Watch Collection?
No, your Watch Collection is only visible to other users if you actively share it with them.
Can I save personal information in the Watch Collection?
Yes, you can add your own photos and notes to each watch.
Can I add rare timepieces?
Yes, you can add any watch to your Watch Collection, ensuring it is complete. That being said, there may be little or no data available on rare watches. If the same model is added by other users and we have sufficient data, new information will be automatically added to your Watch Collection.

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