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The Watches of Team Chrono24: Balazs

Jun 06, 2019
The Watches of Team Chrono24: Balazs


The “Watches of Team Chrono24” series gives us the opportunity to share our watches, their corresponding stories, and our passion with you.


Balazs, Content Marketing Manager

Balazs, Content Marketing Manager
Balazs, Content Marketing Manager


What watch are you currently wearing?

It’s an Omega Speedmaster Professional Transitional reference 145.022 from 1968/69. I bought it in 2012 when the price of a vintage Omega Speedmaster and a relatively new one was the same.


Why did you choose this watch?

I like Speedmasters. Period. But I always wanted a vintage one, so I sold my then 6-year-old Speedmaster and bought this. I really like the look of it: The applied logo, step dial and the DON bezel.


What do you know about the history of this watch?

What I know about it, I know from having the Extract from The Archives from Omega. It says that the watch was made in December 1968 and delivered to their agent in the US on the 20th February 1969. Funnily enough that is exactly 5 months before the Moon landing (20th July 1969). So, it was sold in the year and country where the astronauts who landed on the Moon were coming from.


What have you experienced with this watch?

Since I got it, it came with me pretty much wherever I went and has been on my wrist for the most important events of my life. I relate many good memories of trips around the world, birthdays, anniversaries and other significant moments of my life with it.


When do you wear the watch and what do you combine it to?

I wear it in the rotation with my other watches – so nothing specific, mostly when I want to have it on my wrist. And of course, usually on a #speedytuesday.


What role does this watch play in your collection?

This is the watch that I probably will never sell, even if the others have to go. I’d like to keep this and pass it on one day.


What fascinates you about watches in general?

A watch is a working, ticking mechanical thing that is “living” with you, attached to your wrist. Watches are truly engineering wonders.


What was your first watch?

I think it was a little quartz watch – I can’t remember the brand. Then I got a Casio which I wore for many years. I still have both of them at my parents’ house, I think.



What is your “grail” watch?

I really don’t have one. If I could afford them, I’d like to have a Patek 5970 or a vintage Angelus Chrono-Datoluxe. As far as Speedmasters are concerned, perhaps an Ed White.


Do you have a favorite brand?

I think it is obvious that Omega is the brand that is the closest to me for many reasons. It’s a brand that has a ton of history and versatility. Even many years after collecting Omegas I still come across one from time to time that I haven’t seen before – that amazes me.


What watch would you like to buy next?

Perhaps an Omega Speedmaster X-33. Or a vintage chrono to add to my collection.


Do you prefer vintage or new watches?

Vintage all the way!


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Jun 06, 2019
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