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Watches You Sell Yourself

Maximum Trust, Thanks to Certification

If you decide to sell your watch yourself and your watch is eligible for certification, the buyer will be able to book this optional service. If they do, you'll ship the watch to a professional watchmaker, who will test whether the watch's condition and functionality correspond to the information in your listing. As long as everything checks out, they'll send the watch onward to the buyer.

FAQs Certification

Potential buyers will know they can trust your listing.

Insured shipping to the testing center and to the buyer is free of charge.

You're protected from any unjustified complaints.

Secure Payments

Your transactions are secure, thanks to the Chrono24 Escrow Service. The buyer wires the money to our escrow account, you ship the watch, and after successful delivery of the watch has been confirmed we'll pay you the full amount (minus our commission fee) within 7 days.

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Our Tips for Private Sellers

Learn how to make your listing more attractive, take professional photos, and send your watch safely.

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It's easy to create a free watch listing on Chrono24.

You'll be asked to enter all the most important information about your timepiece.
What's more, you can also add a detailed description of its condition, service history, repairs, and accessories. This makes your listing even more appealing to potential buyers.
High-quality images and close-ups of the watch, its condition, and any accessories round off a good listing.
If you've never listed a watch on Chrono24 before, you will have to register before you can complete your listing.
Use the free appraisal tool on Chrono24. We compare your watch to 500,000 listings from around the world and then give you a suggested price. This helps you sell your watch at the best possible rate.

Of course, you are also welcome to browse listings manually on Chrono24 and analyze their prices. Alternatively, you can have your timepiece appraised by a jeweler or auction house.

Please note that you can get a higher sales price by listing your watch online. Prices received from auction houses and jewelers are usually on the low end as they need to consider their margins when making a purchase.
Yes, participation is mandatory for all sellers. The service offers sellers a number of advantages:
  • We cover the cost of insured shipping to the watchmaker and provide the seller with a free shipping label for this purpose.
  • We also provide insured shipping from the watchmaker to the buyer following certification.
  • Sellers are protected against unjustified complaints, as the buyer has no reason to complain about the watch after it's been certified.
  • If the package goes missing during transit, we will take care of everything else.
  • Certified watch listings are more attractive to potential buyers, as certification gives them an added layer of security.
  • The 6.5% commission fee is only due after you've completed a sale on Chrono24.

    We automatically retain the commission fee at the time of payout from the Chrono24 escrow account.
    In the rare case that the Escrow Service is unavailable (e.g., if the buyer is in a country not covered by this service), you'll receive an invoice for the commission fee upon completion of the transaction.

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